The Ship

“It may sound like a scene from Skyfall, but you can live out your Bond fantasies for real on this ship in Norway”

We love the contrasts in the arctic. The blistering storms and the calm seas.
The sun never setting and the dark winters with its sparkling auroras.
The mountains rising from the fjords and the always changing colours of the arctic sea.

We are also passionate about sauna and bathing as well as excellent food and “friluftsliv” – the Norwegian way of out door life. In collaboration with the recognized Finnish architect Sami Rintala and boat builder Gunnar Eldjarn we transformed the more than 50-year-old fishing vessel to a unique spa- and adventure boat, which has preserved its original charm. 

Now we want to share this wild idea with you. 

We can promise you high quality food, a discreet and friendly crew, and a raw unpolished experience of Northern Norway. Our dream is to spoil all your senses and take you on an adventure where you can fully disconnect from the everyday life. 

The Vulkana has its «home pier» down town Tromsø in the old part of town called «Bangsundbrygga», right between the Polar musem and «Kystens hus».

Spa– and wellness facilities

The ZenLounge

Where they once stocked the fish you now find a Japanese inspired lounge. We recommend the Zen Lounge for deep relaxing and to restore the power of the body, mind and soul. The room has also an open fireplace and a small library. There is a glass roof, and heating in the floor. Here you might spot the northern lights from a comfortable setting. This room is also used for meetings, and movies with its meeting facilities.


The sauna on board is a traditional Finish wood fired sauna with a bog window towards the sea. The metal stove with stones on top (kiuas) is heated with birch wood fire. The temperature is usually 70–80 °C (158–176 °F), and is kept clearly above the dew point despite the vaporization of water, so that visible condensation of steam does not occur as in a Turkish sauna.Taking sauna has several health benefits for the hearth and head. We recommend 10 - 20 minutes sauna at a time, in combination wit cooling down in the fresh air outside or even with a dip in the arctic sea. 

Turkish steam bath

Beneath the deck you find our Hamam. Here you can relax in the dar, steam on the warm tiles. The Hamam has similair health benefits as the sauna, but is more closely related to ancient Greek and ancient Roman bathing practices. In addition to the warmth and steam, the bather in a Turkish bath will often take a plunge in a cold pool, which you also find on board. Or you can take the plunge in the arctic sea.

Saltwater hot tub

The hot tub on board is placed on deck, so the panoramic view could not be better. It is filled with fresh seawater, and the temperature is kept between 37 and 41 degrees Celcius.

Shower and toilet facilities

On board you find two toilets and two showers. From one of the showers you can enjoy the view through a panoramic window. Bathing products are available on board. Towels, bathrobes, slippers are also provivded on board.

Delicious food

We believe a good meal is an essential part of every adventure.
Our chefs get inspired by the changing seasons and the raw nature in the north.
They put attention and care into every detail of the meal. Its all about real, pure and tasty food.
The chef will put together a carefully considered menu for your trip. 

We have a selected list of high quality wines, beers and other beverages on board.
Please feel free to contact us for details.


On board we have a total of 7 cabins

Aft:  3 cabins in the back: one queen size bed + one single bed in each. 
Bow: 1 cabin in the front:  3 queen size beds and 1 single bed. 
Midships: One cabin with 2 single beds, captains cabin and a crew cabin.


Under most conditions we operate Vulkana with a small but professional crew. Every member of the team must fill a number of positions to make sure our guests will be taken care of at all times.

On most Tours we have a captain, a host , a chef and one or two guides on board.

“Fantastic experience. ”

Info about the boat

Built: Lista 1957
Material: Wood
Width: 6,07 m
Depth: 2,843 m
Length: 22,08 m / 72 feet
Brutto tonnage: 83
Netto tonnage: 33
Passengers: 12