Saturday Bathing Trip
nok 590,- p.p.


Complete Arctic Spa   
from nok 1290,- p.p.


friggLuxury Spa and
Three Course Dinner
from nok 1740,- p.p.


Ski by boat

Our Ski by Boat trip takes you on an adventure through the fjordsMore...
It has been a great adventure celebrating summer on Stokkøya!
The Sauna and HotTub have been a warm and welcoming contribution to a pretty fresh summer.

We still have some time left on Stokkøya, so please come visit us if you are in the area of Trondheim/Åfjord within the 15th of August.

We look forward to be back in business in Tromsø again from the 22nd of August!


Vulkana is docked in front of the Polar Museum, Søndre Tollbodgate 7


The world has noticed our unique adventure boat